119 receive scrolls at FAME International College’s 17th graduation ceremony

KUCHING: A total of 119 graduates received their scrolls at FAME International College’s 17th graduation ceremony at Imperial Hotel here yesterday. They graduated in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business Management (19), Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Management, Accounting and Finance (19), Diploma in Business Administration (12), Diploma in Accounting and Finance (34), Diploma in Entrepreneurship (10) while 16 received Certificate in Business Studies, four received Certified Accounting Technician Certificate and five graduated from Foundation in Management. At the graduation ceremony, FAME International College chief executive officer David Chew urged graduates to apply the values acquired in their life, as the college believes that gaining the right skill sets and having the right attitude are pertinent in their career. “When you join FAME, you were not sure of the journey ahead but with hard work and persistence and the guidance and supervision of your tutors and other mentors, you have now completed Read more…

Masiswa Sarawak Tournament 2019

Congratulations to all of our participants at Masiswa Sarawak Tournament 2019, all of you are our Champions 🏆! Our results for each event are as follows: Basketball 🏀 : Gold🥇 Badminton Men’s Singles 🏸 : Quarter Final Badminton Men’s Doubles 🏸: Round of 16 Badminton Women’s Doubles🏸 : 4th Place Badminton Mixed Doubles 🏸 : Quarter Final Ping Pong Men’s Singles 🏓 : Silver🥈 Ping Pong Men’s Doubles 🏓 : Bronze🥉 Best Ping Pong Men’s Player🏓 : Ting Ching Bing (FAME) We would also like to express our appreciation to all our staff who took time out of their busy schedules to assist with/attend the tournament. #FAMEtastics #Masiswa #FAMEInternationalCollege #Sarawak

UK Study Tour 2019

It is now more than 1 week since our UK study tour started and we are glad that students are enjoying their experience to the fullest in the university. They are visiting the #UniversityofCumbria #BusinessSchool at their #Lancaster campus. #FAMEInternationalCollege #UKAutumnStudyTour #fameUKST

JIMU™ Workshop (3rd October 2019)

We held a JIMU™ Workshop at The Circle yesterday(3rd October 2019) to introduce JIMU™ TankBot to students and staff. Students and staff were able to experience a conducive STEM and robotics learning environment through building the robot and hands on experience using the JIMU™ App. Topics that were covered during the workshop include building, controlling, performing actions and coding for JIMU™ Tankbot.  

STEM Innovation Workshop SM Teknik Sejingkat

FAME International College organised and conducted a STEM Innovation Workshop to introduce JIMU™ TankBot to engage students’ interests in technology and robotics. A total of 30 students participated in this 2 hour workshop at SM Teknik Sejingkat, Kuching. Through hands-on participation using JIMU™ TankBot App, students were able to experience conducive STEM and robotics learning environment. The workshop also aims to cultivate essential 21st century soft skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork. The workshop is part of a programme called STEM for Youth. The objective is to introduce the knowledge and importance of technology, cultivate the interest among younger generation to learn STEM and pave the way for students who wish to continue STEM as their future career.

University continues to rise in student opinion survey

In data released today, the University of Cumbria has been ranked 28th out of 131 higher education institutions in a student-informed survey. The WhatUni Student Choice Awards reveal an increase of seven places for the university on its 2018 position. It builds upon a major improvement secured 12 months ago when the institution enjoyed a jump of 60 places, moving from 95th to 35th in 2018. Demonstrating sustained improvements in student experience over five years, the university has seen its standing increase annually since 2015 – from 112th in 2015 to today’s 28th position – as has its overall point score (3.51 in 2015 to 4.17 in 2019). Unlike other league tables, which are based on historical data, the WhatUni Student Choice Awards is the only UK survey that directly reflects student opinion. University of Cumbria Vice Chancellor Professor Julie Mennell said: “This is excellent news for the university, for Read more…