FAME International College Hosts Inspiring Motivational Programs at SMK Serian and SM Min Lit

FAME International College recently had the pleasure of running two amazing motivational programs at SMK Serian and SM Min Lit! These programs aimed to inspire and empower students to reach their fullest potential, fostering a sense of motivation and ambition within the school communities. The sessions were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and participation from the students. The bright and eager faces at SMK Serian and SM Min Lit were a testament to the schools’ commitment to nurturing a positive learning environment. FAME International College’s team of motivational speakers and educators worked diligently to create an interactive and dynamic experience, tailored to resonate with the students’ aspirations and challenges.

Welcome to FAME Family!

On July 1st, 2024, FAME International College opened its doors to a fresh cohort of eager learners, welcoming new students enrolled in both certificate and diploma programs. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as students were greeted by the dedicated FAME faculty, the student services team, and enthusiastic members of the student council. The welcoming event marked the beginning of an exciting academic journey for these new students. It was a day filled with orientation activities, campus tours, and opportunities to meet faculty members and fellow students. The event aimed to ease the transition into college life and foster a sense of belonging within the FAME community FAME International College prides itself on creating a supportive and inclusive environment where students can thrive both academically and personally. The college’s faculty and staff are committed to providing high-quality education and comprehensive support services to ensure every student has the Read more…

Chung Hua Middle School No. 4’s “为华教,献爱心”Charity Fair!

On June 30th, 2024, Chung Hua Middle School No. 4 organized a vibrant and successful “为华教,献爱心” Charity Fair, bringing together students, staff, and the local community for a day of philanthropy and fun. Among the many participants was the FAME Student Council (FAME SC), which proudly hosted a stall at this commendable event. The FAME SC emphasized the importance of learning beyond the traditional classroom setting, and their active involvement in the charity fair showcased this commitment. The event provided a unique platform for students to engage in meaningful activities that support both educational and charitable initiatives. Chung Hua Middle School No. 4 and the FAME Student Council extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited, contributed, and supported the charity fair. Together, they have shown that by working together, they can make a meaningful difference in the community.


We are excited to share a post from our sister institution, FAME International Skills Academy, under the FAME Educational Group. Our senior lecturer, Mr Dunstan Ang recently visited Skills Academy to share valuable tips on effective meeting techniques with their students. This crossover collaboration between our colleges aims to continuously bring beneficial knowledge and expertise to both communities. Together, we grow stronger!


We were honoured to welcome our proud alumnus, Phua TK Avertino , back to FAME International College for an inspiring sharing session! Avertino, who completed his Diploma in Business Administration with us, has achieved remarkable success as the co-founder and managing director of NOMS Malaysia in the food and beverage industry. His journey from a passionate student to a successful entrepreneur truly exemplifies the power of dedication and hard work.   Thank you, Avertino, for motivating our juniors with your story and invaluable insights! Your motto – “Start without hesitation. Take that first leap and embrace the experience,” resonates deeply with all of us.   At FAME International College, we are committed to nurturing future entrepreneurs by integrating practical experiences, mentorship programmes, and real-world projects into our curriculum. We believe that hands-on learning and exposure to industry leaders like Avertino are key to developing the entrepreneurial spirit in our students. Read more…

Sharing Session with Joey Tiong

On May 23rd 2024, FAME International College had the pleasure of welcoming Joey Tiong, our accomplished alumni from the Digital Business Programme, for an inspiring sharing session! She has the energy, enthusiasm and innovative ideas that young people like her should have. Joey Tiong shared her incredible experiences interning and working with a leading local media company, offering invaluable insights into the industry. We are immensely proud of her achievements and wish her continued success as she shines in her career!


On May 18th, 2024, FAME International College hosted the exciting FAME Festival 5.0. Organized by the FAME Student Council, the event was a big hit, providing a memorable day for everyone who came. The college was filled with over 35 stalls run by vendors, students, and student clubs. These stalls offered a wide variety of tasty food and refreshing drinks, satisfying everyone’s cravings. People enjoyed delicious snacks, sweets, and cool beverages, making the festival a food lover’s paradise. The atmosphere was lively and perfect for friends and family to enjoy together. There were lots of fun activities and games, ensuring that both kids and adults had a great time. The festival was full of energy and joy, creating a wonderful experience for all attendees. The vendors played a key role in making the festival special. Their hard work and diverse products made the event even more enjoyable. The organizers greatly Read more…

FAME Photography and Videography Workshop

The first-ever Photography and Videography Workshop was held on May 18th, 2024, at Cumbria Class in FAME International College. The event, organized by the FAME Art Club, was a wonderful experience for all attendees. The workshop featured Senior Artist HuaYi as the guest speaker. HuaYi shared in-depth insights on important concepts such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, macro photography, portraits, and how to use light and brightness. He also covered useful videography techniques. Students gained a lot of knowledge from the session, learning how to improve their photography and videography skills. The workshop was a big hit, and everyone left with new tips and tricks to try out. Overall, the Photography and Videography Workshop was a great success, thanks to the FAME Art Club and Senior Artist HuaYi. It was an informative and enjoyable event for all who attended, and we look forward to more workshops in the future.


The event “Spreading Love Through Essentials” was recently held by the Leo Club of FAME International College in partnership with Hope Place, Kuching. This donation event aimed to provide much-needed essentials to those in need. During the event, students and volunteers came together to distribute items such as rice, biscuits, noodles, and more to families and individuals who required support. It was a heartwarming sight to see the community come together for such a noble cause. The students of FAME International College made everyone proud by extending a helping hand, spreading hope, and making a real difference in the lives of many. This event showcased the power of kindness and the impact that collective effort can have on the community. Overall, “Spreading Love Through Essentials” was a successful and inspiring event, highlighting the generosity and compassion of the students and their commitment to helping others.

Get Your Lucky Ang Pao

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