University of Cumbria Development Visit (April 2019)

We would like to express our appreciation to University of Cumbria representatives (Dr. Raye, Dr. Karam and Ms. Ceri) from Business School and Quality Assurance Department who visited FAME International College last week for discussions on programme development and academic quality assurance policies. Dr. Karam also taught two masterclasses in Research and Marketing during their visit.

Teachers’ Day 2017

Throwback 16th May 2017 is a day where we appreciate all our teachers. Be it our teachers in school, or our teachers in life, let’s show our love and appreciation to them for being in our lives. Thank you to all our Academic staff and also our Administrative staff for your hardwork in educating and transforming the lives of our students. And also thank you to our YEC members for arranging such a nice celebration for our Educationists.