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The FAME Micro-Certification programme is a certification of assessed learning of a single or series of subjects designed to educate learners with knowledge, skills, values, and competence in a specific field of study or practice. To remain employable, adaptive, and productive in today’s globalised and fast changing information economy, all learners must engage in lifelong and life-wide learning.

Choose from our list of micro-certification courses below and upon completion, you will be awarded a digital certificate by FAME International College, Kuching that contributes credit* towards your academic pathways.

Entry Requirement

Certificate Level :

  • based on current entry requirements of equivalent (minimum 18 years old)
  • based on APEL (A)/APEL (Micro-credential) (minimum 19 years old)

Diploma Level :

  • based on current entry requirements or equivalent (minimum 18 years old)
  • based on APEL (A)/APEL (Micro-credential) (minimum 20 years old)

Main Features

  • Shorter Duration – FAME Micro-Certification programme is a shortened version of a regular subject offered by an institution. It could be a minor component of an accredited programme or a stand-alone subject for which you do not need to take time away from work.
  • Practical – While completing a micro-certification course, learners will be required to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and competency in a specific area. This becomes proof of students’ learning, which can be included in a portfolio or show as evidence to an employer.
  • Recognition – Learners can earn industry-recognised digital badges and certificates by completing a micro-certification course. These are safe, secure, shareable documents that can show information on the provider (or issuer) and what students have learnt.
  • Stackable – Learners can choose various micro-certification courses offered by one of many providers, complete them at your own pace, then combine them towards a full qualification.
  • Flexible – Learners can complete a micro-certification course at any time, and can even stack them alongside informal learning such as prior work or life experience towards a formal qualification.

View Micro-Certifications by Course

  • Certificate in Business Studies (CBS) Micro-Certifications
  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) Micro-Certifications
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship (DEN) Micro-Certifications
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance (DAF) Micro-Certifications

Micro-Certification in Principles of Book-Keeping

This course is an introduction to the entire process of book-keeping and accounts. The process involves dealing with source documents of business transactions, preparing journal entries, posting entries into ledger accounts, extracting trial balance and preparing the Income Statement and the balance sheet. Special journals such as sales and purchase journals, cash receipts, payment journals and cash book are also covered under the process of preparing journals

Micro-Certification in Basic Skills in Office Software Application

To introduce students to the practical application of key software packages. Students will be learning within a Windows environment. Students will be taught both fundamental and advanced skills necessary to use the application packages. They will be exposed to real world examples and procedures that will prepare them to be skilled users of Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Students will also learn to use the electronic-mail (e-mail) service.

Micro-Certification in English 1

This unit provides students with a foundation of English, which will enable them to better understand English writing. It also teaches them the necessary study skills to cope with their academic work and provides them with the skills in reading comprehension and grammar.

Micro-Certification in Principles of Management

This course is an introduction to the field of management. Students will have knowledge and understanding of the key principles, purposes, processes and practices of management.

Micro-Certification in Fundamental of Business Practices

This course covers a broad knowledge of the business world, which will enable the students to appreciate the business activity and its functions.

Micro-Certification in Introduction to Customer Service

The aim of this module is to ensure that students understand the importance of customer service in the organisation. Students will focus on customer service standards, procedures and customer feedback.

Micro-Certification in English for Social Skills

This unit covers how to meet and greet people and how to engage in small talk. Students will also learn how to make suggestions, requests, and offers, how to talk about what they do in their spare time, and give opinions on different topics.

Micro-Certification in Fundamental of Business Communication

This unit provides students with the ability to communicate effectively. It further develops the skills of acquiring, selecting and presenting information to the users. It provides students with the necessary written, oral and communication skills to enable them to interpret business documents and to produce written reports and documentation.

Micro-Certification in Introduction to Marketing

This course is an introduction to the subject of marketing. Students will be able to understand the basic concepts and principles of marketing to develop their knowledge and skills towards more advanced topics on marketing.

Micro-Certification in Introduction to Malaysian Culture

This module covers the information and knowledge of Malaysian Culture such as moral values & ethics, arts & festivals, social culture and work culture.

Micro-Certification in Principle of Entrepreneurship

By going through this course, students will be exposed to awareness of the state of entrepreneurship. Students are introduced to elements of successful entrepreneurship and opportunity identification. This course enable students to become familiar with management of the resources to do the business and understand how innovation and creativity take place in the business.

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