BA (Hons) Business, Accounting & Finance (MQA/FA12164)

N/345/6/1113 (24.09.2024)/ MQA/FA12164

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance: Program Overview

Get ready for an exciting journey with our Bachelor of Accounting and Finance program! At FAME International College in Kuching, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred learning pace, with full-time study spanning 3 years or part-time options lasting 6 years. Build a solid foundation through core subjects and specialized coursework, preparing you for success in the financial world.

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Why study Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance?

This course prepares you for the challenges of working in the business world and start any career with confidence. You will develop a robust understanding of applied financial theories and concepts.

Your three-year study allows you to enhance your knowledge and understanding in real world contexts. Should you choose to take ACCA, you will be entitled for exemption up to 9 papers.

As a graduate of BA (Hons) Business, Accounting and Finance, you will have specialist knowledge of accounting and finance together with a general knowledge of other business functions (such as marketing, human resources, and contemporary business management).

Begin a transformative journey in Sarawak by enrolling in the Accounting and Finance program. Develop vital skills in analyzing costs, profitability, and performance metrics, empowering you to make informed business decisions. Master budgeting, forecasting techniques, and tax planning strategies, preparing yourself for a rewarding and in-demand career in the financial world.

Our BA (Hons) Business, Accounting, and Finance program offers specialized knowledge in accounting and finance, complemented by a broader understanding of other crucial business functions such as marketing, human resources, and contemporary business management. This comprehensive expertise will set you apart and open doors to diverse career opportunities.

Course Summary

This course enables you to critically evaluate the relationships between business strategy and operational needs providing creative and innovative solutions through the use of companies financial resources. This course builds from understanding of basic financial accounts to the advice and consideration of strategic financial planning. This is an applied course where you would enter an organisation as a generalist manager with advanced financial acumen. You will be enterprising and entrepreneurial in approach utilising fully all aspects of business and finance - rather than treating accounting and finance as separate business identities.

Awarding Certificate

Certificate will be awarded by University of Cumbria to participants upon successful completion of the course. The final award received is BA (Hons) Business, Accounting and Finance.

At FAME, we have strong partnerships with prestigious overseas universities like the University of Cumbria and Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom (UK). Our Bachelor's degree students enjoy flexibility in planning their academic journey with options like 3+1 or 1+3 arrangements. Graduating from our BA (Hons) Business, Accounting, and Finance program brings global recognition and opens doors to diverse opportunities.

Professional Accreditation - The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

An exemption will only be awarded when ACCA is completely satisfied that it matches a student’s prior learning, and will ensure that the student has an equivalent level of knowledge to students who have completed the same examination of the ACCA Qualification by examination.
ACCA has now fully assessed BA (Hons) Business, Accounting & Finance programme (in Partnership with FAME College, Malaysia) for accreditation. Cohorts will be eligible for exemption for paper F1-F9.

As a prestigious professional certification in accounting and finance, ACCA offers a multitude of benefits to its holders in the job market. Its global recognition enhances your credibility and opens doors to various career opportunities worldwide. Employers and clients highly value ACCA-certified professionals for their expertise in financial management, taxation, auditing, and corporate reporting, making them sought-after assets in the industry. 

With an ACCA certification, you gain a competitive edge and can confidently pursue rewarding roles in finance, accounting, and related fields. Additionally, ACCA holders have the advantage of staying updated with industry best practices, ensuring continuous professional development and staying relevant in a dynamic business landscape.

What will I study?

Year 1
UCBP4001 Managing People and Organisations
UCBP4002 The Business Environment
UCBP4003 Introduction to Business
UCBP4004 Fundamentals of Business
UCBP4005 Principles of Marketing
UCBP4006 Management Accounting
Year 2
AFBS5401 Management Accounting for Decision Making
AFBS5800 An Introduction to Malaysia Law
AFBS5402 The Financial Regulatory Environment
AFBS5803 Corporate Law (Malaysia)
AFBS5405 Introduction to Audit and Assurance
AFBS5806 An Introduction to Malaysian Taxation
Year 3
AFBS6400 Management Accounting for Managing Performance
AFBS6401 Corporate Financial Reporting
AFBS6402 Corporate Financial Management
AFBS6403 Audit and Assurance in Practice
AFBS6404 Business Valuation and Financial Risk
AFBS6405 Negotiated Project (Optional)
AFBS6808 Advanced Taxation (Optional)

MPU Compulsory Subjects (All students)

Hubungan Etnik (local students)

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (local students)

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (international students)

Pengajian Malaysia 3 (international students)

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Bahasa Kebangsaan A**

Business & Entrepreneurship in Malaysia


 **Malaysian students who do not have a credit in their SPM Bahasa Melayu are compulsory to take this as component of U2, only once.

Career Opportunities for Our Bachelor in Accounting & Finance Graduates

Discover boundless career possibilities through our Degree in Accounting & Finance course at FAME College. As a graduate, you'll have an array of exciting career paths to explore, from financial analyst to auditor, tax specialist, management accountant, financial planner, and more. 

Your financial expertise will be highly valued in these vital roles, as you play a crucial role in analyzing financial data, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing strategic financial insights. Accounting and finance professionals are in high demand across various industries and sectors, including finance, banking, corporate, government, and consulting.

Entry Requirement of the BA (Hons) Business, Accounting & Finance Course

  • Completion of FAME Foundation Programme (Direct entry into Level 4/ Year 1)
  • Completion of FAME Diplomas (Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Diploma in Business Information Systems and Diploma in Entrepreneurship programmes) (Direct entry into Level 5/ Year 2)
  • STPM with TWO(2) full passes or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.0
  • UEC with 5 subjects with a minimum 'B' grades
  • Any other equivalent qualifications that is recognised by the government of Malaysia
  • English requirements: Pass in SPM English or minimum band 2 in MUET.

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