About Us

FAME International Skills Academy is a vocational training provider approved and accredited by Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, JPK), Ministry of Human Resources since February 2022.  Located in the vibrant city of Kuching, our academy plays a vital role in enhancing the skill sets of individuals, dedicated to providing comprehensive skill training and development.

Skills training is of paramount importance to the community as it equips individuals with practical expertise and knowledge. By imparting valuable skills, our academy foster self-sufficiency and empowers individuals to pursue fulfilling careers and contribute effectively to the local economy.

In the context of Malaysia, skills training plays a crucial role in addressing the demand for skilled labour across various industries. The comprehensive programs offered at our academy enable individuals to acquire specialized skills, ensuring a competent and adaptable workforce capable of meeting the challenges of a rapidly evolving job market.

Moreover, our academy actively collaborates with various industries, governmental bodies, and our organizations to bridge the gap between academia and industry. By fostering strong partnerships, we facilitate knowledge exchange, promote research and development, and encourage entrepreneurship. These collaborative efforts contribute to the country’s progress and support the attainment of national development goals.

Our academy prioritize the well-being and success of our trainees. We provide a conducive learning environment and access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our experienced trainers and instructors are committed to nurturing talent, imparting practical skills, and cultivating a strong work ethic in our trainees.

Through our comprehensive training programs, trainees acquire not only technical skills also soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. These skills are invaluable in today’s dynamic job market, ensuring our trainees are well-rounded individuals capable of adapting to evolving industry trends.

Additionally, we emphasizes character development and instils values such as discipline, professionalism, and ethical conduct in our trainees. We believe that holistic development is crucial for long-term success in both personal and professional endeavours.

The first vocational course that has been launched and offered is Office Administration course. This course curriculum covers reception, office finance, purchasing, inventory, logistic handling, office document preparation and staff administrative supervision. The course is practice-based, supplemented by theory, and suitable and open to those aged 16 and above. This also means that students can obtain the Malaysia Skills Certificate (Level 3) (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3) issued by the Department of Skills Development after taking 2-year course. The 2-year study includes a 3-month internship which exposes and prepares the students for the real-life industry environment.

We will continuously review and update our program offerings to align with industry trends and demands.

  • Vision

To be the inspiring centre for job-oriented vocational and technical training that equip, empower and support individual with knowledge and skills to stand-out in a competitive industry.

  • Mission

To produce skillful and certified graduates by constantly upgrading and improvising technologies and managements

To increase student access and success, as well as expanding diversity and global awareness

To promote excellence in teaching, learning and professionalism

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