Diploma in Computer Science (MQA/PA 13842)

Why study Computer Science?

Data Science is playing a more integral role in our daily lives as more and more companies gather and use data to create new value in business models and customer experiences. This course will ensure that students receive fundamental knowledge in computer science, analytical methods relevant to modern applications which require large-scale data analysis as well as concepts and techniques of data science. It also prepares students to be effective members of the workforce by enhancing their analytical and problem solving skills.

What sort of career opportunities will our graduates get?
Graduates can seek various career opportunities at executive levels like business analyst, system analyst, market analyst, business intelligence analyst, operation analyst and statistician in professional firms and organisations.

Programme objectives:

The programme should prepare graduates who will:

  • Have knowledge of algorithms, software methods and current programming languages in data science;
  • Have the ability to analyse, design and develop computer applications to solve problems;
  • Have the ability to assist in the development of systematic models; and
  • Have the skills to adhere to standard process-oriented methodologies and procedures for producing high-quality software on time and within a budget.

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