Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
FAME International College (FAME)

15 March 2020

1. Purpose

This BCP is to overcome the impact of crisis that impacted the business of FAME. Crisis events could include by not limited to natural disaster, war and outbreak of disease.

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Sarawak and globally has caused impacts to many businesses globally including Sarawak region, the activation of BCP is to maintain business operation in order to provide support with certain limit to existing students, clients and staff. The BCP is to address core business components in order to ensure business functions at basic level. Policies and processes may subject to change by management discretion with the consideration of the changes in environment and uncontrollable factors.

2. Objectives

2.1. Ensure employees’ safety and health are taken care of, and minimise the impact to employees, students, clients and business.
2.2. Ensure business continuation with minimum functions, particularly core functions.
2.3. Ensure the business is capable to provide basic support to existing students and clients.
2.4. Provide means of standard communication channels.

3. Timeline

The BCP starts effect from 16 March 2020, until further notice. The management will decide according to the develop of the crisis in daily basis, with referring to various authorities’ information.

4. Governance and Contact

Members of the business continuity team

Eddie WeeBoard of DirectorDirectorMalaysia: +6-0168641788
China: +86-15210696366
WhatsApp: +6-0168641788
WeChat ID: eddiewee1288
Email: eddie.wee@horwathcapital.com.cn
Email2: chinamine.ew@gmail.com
David ChewManagementDirector/CEOMalaysia: +6-0168649717
WhatsApp: +6-0168649717
WeChat ID: David_Artist
Email: david@fame.edu.my
Email2: davsun.art@gmail.com
Voon Boo KhoonManagement/AcademicAssistant General Manager/Head Of AcademicEmail1: voon@fame.edu.my
Email2: voonbookhoon@gmail.com
Rachel ChooSales and MarketingSales & Marketing DirectorEmail1: rachel@fame.edu.my
Email2: chelchel516@gmail.com
Grace TanAdministrativeAdministrative ManagerEmail1: grace@fame.edu.my
Email2: tbh998@gmail.com
Liew Yu SunAcademicAssistant Head of Academic / Head of Programme (FIEP/DENT)Email1: liewys@fame.edu.my
Susana SampokAcademicRegistrarEmail1: susana@fame.edu.my
Email2: susanasampok@gmail.com
Chai Sim KongSales and MarketingAssistant ManagerEmail1: kong@fame.edu.my
Email2: kong9686@gmail.com
Lim Chez YeenAcademicHead of Programme (BIBMC/DBA/CBS/FIM)Email1:jasmine.lim@fame.edu.my
Heena HuongAcademicHead of Programme (DAF/BBAFC/CAT/ACCA)Email1:heena.huong@fame.edu.my
Jeffrey ChongSales and MarketingSenior International Marketing OfficerEmail1: chongsv@fame.edu.my
Email2: jeffrey5aug19@gmail.com
Adeline LauSales and MarketingEducational ConsultantEmail1: adeline@fame.edu.my
Email2: adelinelaust91@gmail.com
Wee Yang KhaiSales and MarketingEducational ConsultantEmail1: yangkhai.wee@fame.edu.my
Email2: xanfroze@gmail.com
Clarence ChiamSales and MarketingInternational Marketing OfficerEmail1: clarence.chiam@fame.edu.my
Email2: tatwee95@gmail.com
Naretta JanneSales and MarketingStudent Affairs OfficerEmail1: naretta@fame.edu.my
Email2: narettajanne95@gmail.com
Sandra SimAcademicManager (Vocational Education)Email1: sim@fame.edu.my
Email2: simiangboi@gmail.com
Selina LeeFinanceSenior Accounts ExecutiveEmail1: selina@fame.edu.my
Email2: selinalee80@gmail.com
Dunstan AngAcademicLecturerEmail1: ang@fame.edu.my
Email2: dscang@gmail.com
Fong Yee LingAcademicLecturerEmail1: fong@fame.edu.my
Aniza ElyaAcademicLecturerEmail1: aniza.el@fame.edu.my
Email2: anizachan@yahoo.com
Belinda SinieAcademicLecturerEmail1: belinda.sinni@fame.edu.my
Email2: belindasinie@gmail.com
Wendy TanAcademicLecturerEmail1: wendyt@fame.edu.my
Email2: wendysyn89@gmail.com
Michael HungAcademicLecturerEmail1: michael@fame.edu.my
Email2: rh0697@yahoo.com
Lim Pheck SiangAcademicExam OfficerEmail1: limps@fame.edu.my
Email2: phecksiangl@gmail.com
Iris FungAdministrativeLibrarianEmail1: iris@fame.edu.my
Email2: shaolingfg@gmail.com
Isaac KhoManagementPersonal Assistant (CEO)Email1: isaac.kho@fame.edu.my
Chai Chien LiangAdministrativeICT Project Coordinator and SupportEmail1: chienliang.chai@fame.edu.my
Email2: chaichienliang@gmail.com

5. Requirements

1. With effective 16 March 2020, all employees of FAME are to stop attending and engaging any physical face to face meetings, events, gatherings and the like. All staff are to adhere to the government authority’s instruction, unless instructed otherwise by FAME Top Management. If there is an unavoidable physical face to face meeting or gathering, please inform the HR department or immediate manager. All physical face to face meeting or gathering should be approved by direct manager.
2. Any employee if deem to be suspected with the risk of infection, will be required to self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days.
3. Any employee who are just return to Sarawak from overseas, West Malaysia and Sabah are required to self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days.
4. Distance Working Procedures will be applied for staff who is required to work from home.

6. Distance Working Procedures

1. Operation which include policies and processes will be adjusted to adopt work from home.
2. The 5 main technology tools that staff should access daily during work from home are:

Tool/PlatformMain Purpose
WeChat WorkText and voice communication
Staff Attendance – punch in/out
GoMyCampusCampus management system
• Marketing/Sale/Registration
• Student Academic Progress Tracking
• Marks Processing
• Semester Management
• Programme Management
Task ManagementTask Assignment and tracking
ZoomVideoconferencing meeting
Conducting online class
Moodle & TurnitinMain platform to enable eTeaching and eLearning

Note: There are other tools/systems that is department or role dependent.

3. WeChat Work will be the main official communication platform.

4. Staff are required to punch in/out using WeChat Work.

5. The Work from home communication protocol are:

a. WeChat Work

b. Telephone / Mobilephone

c. WhatsApp (within Malaysia)

d. Zoom (Meeting which involves more than 2 persons)

6. Students and clients should be informed to use the above means of communication.

7. The Zoom teleconference system manual can be obtained from https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204772869-Zoom-Rooms-User-Guide and simplified version is available at https://assets.zoom.us/docs/user-guides/one-page-zoom-rooms-controller-guide-web.pdf

8. Staff can also refer to following video tutorials for the operation of Zoom:

How to schedule a videoconference appointment?

9. The management will continue to communicate with staff for any updates, and staff are urged to stay conscious on news and announcements from the management.

7.    Communication with Students and Clients

  1. All official channels of communication need to deploy for announcement of message to the students and clients.
  1. The official communication channels are:
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Moodle
  • Notice on notice board and external area of the campus
  1. Other official communication channels are:
  • SMS
  • Newspaper

8.    eTeaching – online class

  1. Zoom is the tool for lecturers to conduct online class.
  2. Refer to Zoom guide for details on conducting online class.
  3. Refer to online teaching guideline for more details.

9.    Payment Collection

  1. Students and clients can make payment to FAME by the following means:Online bank transfer

i. Online bank transfer

Bank NameRHB Bank
Bank AddressLot 7418, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300 Kuching Sarawak
Bank Account NameFAME International Training Sdn Bhd
Bank Account No2-11146-500-37928

ii. E-Wallet

10.    Zoom Guide

#TopicsVideo Link
1How to use Zoom to conduct online class?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9guqRELB4dg

2How to share your slides using Zoom?https://youtu.be/Kb7gFL5shCU
3How to setup Zoom meeting and join Zoom meeting?https://youtu.be/sJq_OM5VcDY