FAME International College: A Second Chance for SPM Students

FAME International College is offering a valuable opportunity for students who did not perform well in their SPM exams. With the existing Certificate in Business course and the upcoming Certificate in Information Technology, FAME is dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities for all students, including those who failed mandatory subjects in the SPM exam.

Certificate in Business Studies/Certificate in Information Technology (18 months)

The Certificate in Business course covers essential topics such as management principles, marketing, and basic accounting, equipping students with a solid foundation in business practices. Meanwhile, the Certificate in Information Technology focuses on basic programming, computer systems, and network fundamentals, preparing students for the tech industry.

Pathway to Diploma Programmes and PTPTN Loans

Upon completing these certificate programmes, students can advance to FAME’s homegrown diploma programmes. with majors in Digital Business/ Business Adminsitration/ Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and so on. These diploma courses are designed to build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the certificate programmes, offering more specialised and advanced education in the respective fields. 

Additionally, financial assistance through PTPTN is available for students who are pursuing diploma and degree programmes, making education more accessible. This financial assistance ensures that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress.

FAME International College is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where every student has the chance to succeed. By offering these certificate programmes, FAME is opening doors for students to build a brighter future.

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