ACCA Accelerate Talk (24 November 2022)

A talk on ACCA Accelerate Programme was held on 24 November 2022 attended by students from Diploma in Accounting and Finance and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business, Accounting and Finance. We are glad to have Mr Peter Gabriel, Business Relationship Manager from ACCA Maritime Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur Office) to deliver the talk.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business, Accounting and Finance 3+0 in collaboration with University of Cumbria, UK is accredited by ACCA with 9 papers exemption at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels. Students can pursue ACCA Qualification through ACCA Accelerate Programme, which is a fast track programme to becoming an ACCA professional accountant. It allows students to sit for ACCA Strategic Professional Level examinations while studying for their bachelor degree. Additionally, ACCA Accelerate Programme offers special benefits to make it affordable for degree students to head start with their ACCA journey. It includes discounted initial registration fee, waiver of annual subscription fee, and, discounted and deferred exemption fees.