We were honoured to welcome our proud alumnus, Phua TK Avertino , back to FAME International College for an inspiring sharing session! Avertino, who completed his Diploma in Business Administration with us, has achieved remarkable success as the co-founder and managing director of NOMS Malaysia in the food and beverage industry. His journey from a passionate student to a successful entrepreneur truly exemplifies the power of dedication and hard work.
Thank you, Avertino, for motivating our juniors with your story and invaluable insights! Your motto – “Start without hesitation. Take that first leap and embrace the experience,” resonates deeply with all of us.
At FAME International College, we are committed to nurturing future entrepreneurs by integrating practical experiences, mentorship programmes, and real-world projects into our curriculum. We believe that hands-on learning and exposure to industry leaders like Avertino are key to developing the entrepreneurial spirit in our students.
We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to seeing even more from you in the future.

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