On May 18th, 2024, FAME International College hosted the exciting FAME Festival 5.0. Organized by the FAME Student Council, the event was a big hit, providing a memorable day for everyone who came.

The college was filled with over 35 stalls run by vendors, students, and student clubs. These stalls offered a wide variety of tasty food and refreshing drinks, satisfying everyone’s cravings. People enjoyed delicious snacks, sweets, and cool beverages, making the festival a food lover’s paradise.

The atmosphere was lively and perfect for friends and family to enjoy together. There were lots of fun activities and games, ensuring that both kids and adults had a great time. The festival was full of energy and joy, creating a wonderful experience for all attendees.

The vendors played a key role in making the festival special. Their hard work and diverse products made the event even more enjoyable. The organizers greatly appreciated their efforts, which helped make the festival a success.

Overall, the 2024 FAME Festival 5.0 was a fantastic day filled with fun, food, and excitement. Thanks to the FAME Student Council and all the vendors, the festival was a true celebration of community and togetherness. Everyone is already looking forward to the next festival!

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