FAME Photography and Videography Workshop

The first-ever Photography and Videography Workshop was held on May 18th, 2024, at Cumbria Class in FAME International College. The event, organized by the FAME Art Club, was a wonderful experience for all attendees.

The workshop featured Senior Artist HuaYi as the guest speaker. HuaYi shared in-depth insights on important concepts such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, macro photography, portraits, and how to use light and brightness. He also covered useful videography techniques.

Students gained a lot of knowledge from the session, learning how to improve their photography and videography skills. The workshop was a big hit, and everyone left with new tips and tricks to try out.

Overall, the Photography and Videography Workshop was a great success, thanks to the FAME Art Club and Senior Artist HuaYi. It was an informative and enjoyable event for all who attended, and we look forward to more workshops in the future.

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